Morning Safari With Quad Biking

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The Magic of Dubai’s Morning Desert: Quad Biking Adventure and Safari.

We welcome you to the ultimate morning adventure in Dubai! Prepare for a thrilling morning safari in the desert, combined with a heart-pounding quad bike, to kick-start your day. We offer you an incredible experience in the Dubai desert, offering a unique combination of adrenaline and nature’s beauty.

You will become immersed in a stunning landscape unlike any other as the sun shines over the horizon and turns its golden light into an endless expanse of sand. You’ll be led by our expert guides on an adventurous expedition, in which you will navigate the ever-changing dunes from top to bottom with a mighty quad bike. When you conquer a sandy area and unleash your inner adventurer, feel the rush of wind against your face.
You will be offered an unparalleled experience by the Morning Desert Safari with Quad Biking in Dubai. We’ve come to know that early morning hours are a magical time of the day, but we want to capture this excitement and infuse it into every minute of your safari. With the desert as your backdrop, you’ll witness nature awakening, painting the sky with vibrant hues and serenading your senses with its tranquil melodies.

The safety and pleasure of your journey are taken care of by our dedicated team. We’re providing all needed equipment and gear such as the world’s top-of-the-line quad bikes, which are not only robust but also highly effective. Our helpful guides, whether you are an experienced rider or a newcomer, will provide detailed instructions to ensure that you have the requisite confidence in your ability to reach the sand dunes.
You’ll have plenty of opportunities to test your skills and strive for greater heights in this thrilling adventure. If you want to see the panorama views that stretch as far as your eye is capable, sail across the sand waves and climb some of the exhilarating slopes. Our guides are very experienced in the desert secrets, and with them, you will be taken to some of the most beautiful vantage points where you can photograph awe-inspiring images for a lifetime.

Beyond the adrenaline rush, this morning safari is also an opportunity to connect with the serene beauty of nature. You can listen to the soft footsteps of desert creatures, you can hear the whispering breeze rustling among the dunes, and you can breathe in perfectly free air. In a desert that is immense, this moment of harmony and peace offers you the opportunity to renew your spirit while being comforted by nature’s simplicity.

Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking a thrilling start to your day or a group of friends and family looking for an adventure together, our Morning Safari with Quad Biking in Dubai is a perfect choice. It is an experience that brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to create memories for the rest of their lives.
Book your spot now to ensure that you are not left out of this extraordinary adventure! We’re going to have a very exciting morning of quad-riding and exploration in the Dubai desert. Experience the beauty of this incredible landscape, conquer the sand dunes, and get caught up in such an amazing experience. The light of morning will be waiting for you, and the magic of Dubai’s desert.

Now you can start your day in Dubai with an unforgettable adventure by booking a morning desert safari with Quad Biking!

Departure & Return Location

Hotel Dubai

Departure Time

8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Return Time

Approximately 22:00

Price Includes

  • Camel Riding
  • Sand Boarding
  • Water & Soft Drinks
  • Dune Bashing
  • Photo Stop

Price Excludes

  • Long Camel Ride
  • Picture With Falcon
  • Dune Buggy

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